Selection of Offshore Wind Sites

The selection of sites for our offshore wind farms was informed by a detailed series of environmental, engineering, and feasibility studies in 2020. These assessments will continue up to 2025, widening to include metocean, geophysical and geotechnical studies to inform our foundation and wind turbine selection. Ornithological, benthic and commercial fishing studies will, likewise, feed into our Environmental Impact Assessment.

Making the Onshore Connection

When an offshore wind developer signs a lease agreement with Crown Estate Scotland, they are guaranteed to receive a grid connection from National Grid. 
We are currently taking part in a process called Holistic Network Design Follow-Up, where the National Grid and developers are working together to create a national transmission system. Once we know where our grid connections will be for the Ayre and Bowdun offshore wind farms in August 2023, we will need to plan routes for delivering the electricity to onshore substations. For Ayre, this is likely to be on the Scottish mainland, and for Bowdun - the Aberdeenshire coast, between Stonehaven and Montrose. Any plans we make will be submitted to an open public consultation and planning approval.


Our Wind Farms

Our offshore wind projects

In developing our Scottish wind farms, we prioritise working with the local supply chain to optimise sustainability and support local growth and development. Scotland offers a unique opportunity for emerging floating wind technology. Its prime location and the country's expertise make it a valuable place for TWP to be based. We believe this area can challenge the existing European supply chain and help move wind technology to the forefront of global renewables.

1. Ayre Offshore Wind Farm

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2. Bowdun Offshore Wind Farm

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Project timelines

You can see the timelines for the development of our projects below.