We have set an ambition of £2.4 billion spend in Scotland across our Ayre and Bowdun projects – and we are actively supporting local businesses in overcoming barriers to entering the market, as well as funding early-stage STEM engagement in Scottish schools, and collaborating with academia on innovative R&D.

In July 2023, we updated our Supply Chain Outlook Statement for the Ayre Offshore Wind Farm and for the Bowdun Offshore Wind Farm with additional information on its supply chain strategy. Our figures on our ambitions for the local supply chain remain unchanged and are shared by our Tier 1 contractor DEME Offshore, which is overseeing our projects’ EPCI work (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation).

TWP Strategy

Our two projects are split between floating and next-generation fixed-foundation technologies, offering fresh opportunities for local suppliers and innovative technology developers.

Scotland already excels in floating wind: the world’s first floating offshore wind farm and the world’s largest lie off the coast of Aberdeenshire. This technology presents a real opportunity for Scotland to grasp a first-mover advantage in developing the goods, services and innovative IP for a fast-growing global market.

The overall ScotWind programme is already triggering unprecedented foreign direct investment (FDI) into Scotland: in 2022, foreign investors pledged more than $54 billion to wind projects in Scotland. In that year, Scotland alone attracted almost as much wind power FDI as the rest of the world combined. TWP’s ambitious targets for its spend in the Scottish supply chain amount to more than £2.4 billion over both its projects.

Image: TWP's Supply Chain Manager Gavin MacKay (left) taking the tour of Scapa Flow, a potential site for fabrication and wind farm O&M, with local businesses in September 2023.

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